The historic inner city

The Dom Tower, the canals with their wharf cellars and the town hall – these are the must-sees when visiting Utrecht. Stadsgids030 takes you to see these sites and tells you all about them. For instance, do you know what… Lees verder →

Courtyard tour

They are true oases: the charming little courtyards in Utrecht’s inner city. They are often tucked away between busy shopping streets, where cars cannot come and you suddenly hear the birds singing. Curious to see what I mean? Then join… Lees verder →

Courtyard tour de luxe

Courtyard tours are always a treat. Utrecht has so many lovely spots where time doesn’t seem to have had any effect! It takes about 2 hours to explore these places. If this might be too demanding, then there’s the option… Lees verder →

Wandering along the wharfs

Water has always been very important to Utrecht. The name ‘Utrecht’ is even derived from it: it’s a derivation of the Latin word Trajectum, which means ‘a place where you can cross the water’. After all, until 1122 the river… Lees verder →

Art Nouveau and Jugendstil

In downtown Utrecht there are many buildings featuring Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the Amsterdam School characteristics. But how do you recognise these architectural movements? What do they have in common, and what differentiates them? You’re going to find… Lees verder →

Women in Utrecht

She spoke 14 languages, corresponded with scholars across the world and was the first woman to (secretly) attend university: Anna Maria von Schurman. Ever heard of her? Probably not. And there are many more women in Utrecht who remain rather… Lees verder →

Classical music tour

Did you know that several famous composers of classical music visited Utrecht? The young Mozart, for instance, stayed here a few days while on a tour through Europe, accompanied by his father and sister. Brahms even visited Utrecht several times,… Lees verder →

Saint Martin

He is the patron saint of Utrecht, and you will encounter him in lots of different locations. But who was he, and what exactly is his relationship with the city of Utrecht? The answer may well surprise you. As a… Lees verder →

Tile-tableau tour

In the inner city, you can come across more than a dozen paintings of charming old Utrecht, pictured on tiles. All tile-tableaus hang at the location where the artist more or less stood while painting, offering you a glimpse of… Lees verder →

Love is in the air!

Swept off your feet? Married for a long time? Celebrating another love? Then join me on this tour! Visit the spot where gay men used to meet in the 17th century. See where Utrecht’s most famous single lady had herself… Lees verder →

Market tour

It’s not surprising that a street called ‘Fish market’ indicates the place where people used to sell fish. But there were many more such markets in town. See where horses and cows were traded for centuries, and where grain traders… Lees verder →

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