The general conditions of Stadsgids030 are applicable to all arrangements that are concluded with Stadsgids030.

In general

Stadsgids030 is a venture by Iris Dijkstra and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, number 30273942. 


Once you’ve made a booking with Stadsgids030, you’ll receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the agreed arrangement: date, time, starting and ending point of the tour, number of participants, costs, et cetera. 


Payment is required within thirty days from date of invoice. 

Tour guide

Stadsgids030 collaborates with various other qualified and experienced tour guides. If you book a tour with Stadsgids030, the tour will in principle be guided by Iris Dijkstra. However, if circumstances prevent her from guiding the tour, then she will arrange a colleague to replace her. There are no additional costs for you. 

Time of starting and ending

Stadsgids030 adheres to the times agreed upon. If circumstances cause you to arrive a little later, please call 0031-6-30.394.694. If you are delayed for more than 15 minutes without providing notification, Stadsgids030 is entitled to cancel the tour, without affecting your obligation to settle the invoice.


The route will be discussed with you. You can choose where you wish to start and end the tour, as long as it is in somewhere in the historic city centre. 

Number of participants

Tour groups are maximised at twenty participants per tour guide. For larger groups, more tour guides need to be contracted. The number of participants must therefore be stated clearly when booking the tour. 

Changes to the number of participants can be made by notification to Stadsgids030 up to two weeks before the tour. After this date, Stadsgids030 assumes the number of participants that was originally agreed upon. 


Participating in the tours of Stadsgids030 is at your own risk. Participants are personally responsible for their participation in street traffic. Stadsgids030 is not liable for any damage suffered by participants during a tour, or for any damage that participants cause to others during a tour. Neither is Stadsgids030 liable for any damage to or loss of participants’ belongings.   

Cancellation by participants

If you have booked a tour, the following applies: 

  • Bookings can be cancelled without any cost up to two weeks before the planned tour.
  • If you cancel a booking between two and one week prior to the tour, then half of the agreed sum will be charged.
  • If you cancel a booking in the week prior to the tour, then 75% of the agreed sum will be charged.

Cancellation by Stadsgids030

Stadsgids030 has been guiding groups for many years, and has never had to cancel a single tour. Still, it cannot be ruled out that unexpected circumstances force Stadsgids030 to cancel a tour (e.g. because of illness, extreme weather alert, and so on). Stadsgids030 will then contact you to find a solution. Obviously, you do not need to pay for a tour that has been cancelled by Stadsgids030.