That’s me, Iris Dijkstra.

I was born in Utrecht, studied here and never left. As a qualified National Guide I regularly take groups on a tour of Utrecht. Mostly on foot, but sometimes by boat or by bicycle. 

I am a psychologist by training, and have always been very interested in people. This interest is reflected in my tours. It fascinates me how people lived many years ago, so I am more inclined to tell you about that than to recite historical dates or construction styles.

I also try to identify with the group that I am guiding. I want people to really enjoy themselves – after all, they are here to have a nice day out! So I adapt to the pace and the interest of the group. Organising a relaxing, but at the same time captivating walk – that’s a challenge I enjoy, every time. And of course a bit of humour is an essential part of the job as well!

I also work as a tour guide for the Tourist Information Office in Utrecht and at the Utrecht Railway Museum. I have also guided groups in many other cities, including Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges – to name a few. Besides, I’ve guided groups in China, Tibet, Mongolia, Indonesia and Nepal.